Queens Nucs Hives

Queens: Expected availability late October- November $40, re-queening $99  including GST

 I am by industry standards a small scale Queen breeder. I select my queens with care, after all, as most of my own replacement queens come from my own breeding, if I breed rauncy stinger first flying bees - that´s exactly what will greet me!

All my queens are marked.

I have a simple selection critera that I have refined over 10years. I look at how the hives behave at different sites and throughout the year. After identifying hives that show consistent good behavior, keeping strong, nice brood pattern and calm, I then do a test batch of nucleus hives from them and wait to see how they develop. If they keep the main characteristics of the mother hive I then make more queens and nucleus hives from the mother hives and offer them for sale. So the queens and nucleus hives I sell comes from a queen that I have kept under supervision in most cases for well over a year and coming spring 2019 often also the queen´s mother has been monitored too.

Nucleus hives: Delivery October and on, from $250 including GST

Delivery is done based on order date, the earlier you order, the higher up in the list you get and the earlier you will receive your colony in spring!

In most cases I can come and deliver to you and install the bees in your equipment.

The 5 frame nucleus hives I sell, includes, one frame of honey, one frame of honey and pollen, 3 frames with brood and eggs, a young marked queen and bees covering at least 4 of the frames. The transport core flue box used for delivery is not suitable as a hive. These nucleus hives are strong and will need to be moved to a proper hive after delivery.  Included tips on placement of the hive. Depending on where you are placing the hive I do the installation of the nucleus colony into your equipment and display the marked queen.

Established hives: December delivery, contact for details

I can also provide a full sized colony on 8 frames in new wooden equipment, with young marked queen. If you want a hive without the box, that can be arranged too. I can help with placement of the hive.