Honey and more


The markets I currently go to are:

If the markets are closed, I am offering delivery to your doorstep.  Just email or call me to arrange delivery.

Yea Railway Market, first Saturday of the month, https://www.facebook.com/Yeamarket/

Wallan Olde Time Market, second Saturday of the month, https://www.facebook.com/WallanMarket/

Lilydale Agricultural Horticultural Society Market, 4th Sunday of the month, https://www.facebook.com/Lilydale-Agricultural-Horticultural-Society-Market


I have different  types of honey available Summer mix,  and Creamed honeys (creamed, creamed with cinnamon, creamed with ginger).

My honey is cold processed and raw. The exception is creamed honey, which contain raw and if needed some heated honey, as all crystals have to be removed before creaming or the end result isn't creamed honey.


I have bee´s wax from from cappings, (the wax the bees use to seal the honey), and it has a nice yellowish color. Color of wax varies naturally from cera alba (almost white) to yellow-brown. The coloration is dependent on several things such as type of bees and also bees cover even wax with some propolis for extra strenght and protection.

Wax has many uses, from making soap, cerat/lipbalm, ointments, candles, bees wax wraps, salami coating to name a few.


I make my own bees wax candles from the pure wax I get from honey extraction

Beeswax Wraps & pre-mades

I also have beeswax wraps, and pre-made mixture with resin and oil, if you prefer to make your own wrap.


I make my own furniture polish and cutting board conditioner.