Hi, welcome to my page. So who am I?

I am Haakan Bernefors, I started with bees back in 2008 with two hives in Sweden and grew my numbers up to 25 hives by 2017. In December 2017 I moved with my wife to Australia and took over my father-in-laws´ 50+ beehives. So I have been keeping bees for nearly 15 years and most of that time bees with Varroa mites (in Sweden) and I had very low winter losses due to my Varroa management routine. I love learning new things and I like to pass on things I have learned to others.

Here in Australia I have decided to make beekeeping my main vocation and am working on establishing my business and offer beekeeping related services. I am not an internet wiz, so please if you find things I have stuffed up on here do tell me!

I am a member of VAA, Victorian Apiarist Association and the NorthWestern Bee club see it using this: Facebook Group link or Facebook Page Link

I am also a SQRT volonteer, State Quarantine Response Program, as a volonteer, if there is a Biosecurity incident, the Department of Agriculture calls on their staff and volonteers to handle the situation.

Thanks for visiting my site.

I am happy to come do a talk about my experiences as a beekeeper here in Australia, or in Sweden etc.

Håkan (Haakan)

P.s. If you want to get in contact haakan@hhives.com.au or 0476 905 955