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Waxed and wired frames, full depth $ 8 each or 8 for $60 ($7.50 each) including GST.
Ideal & WSP: $7.70 each or 8 for $59 ($ 7.38 each) including GST.

Waxed and wired frames with australian bee's wax. The frames comes cross wired, as I have found it is stronger than the traditional wiring. This reduces the risk of blow out in a radial 4 frame extractor.

Frame cleaning, $25 per 8 frames  including GST.

You will get:

* 1**foundation sheet per frame, so for 8 frames 8 foundation sheets.
* steam cleaning of frame
* any frame, I break the wire on, I will re-wire
* If you want the foundation attached to the frame $ 30 for 8 frames instead of $25 for just cleaning, including GST

** This price offer is based on that there is enough wax on the frame to trade for foundation, a frame without wax or eaten by wax moth, I will have to charge more for.

Cross wired frame:

Cross wired frame