Bee and swarm removals

I provide professional bee removal services for most parts of Victoria, without killing the bees. I have insurance for bee removals and give a free quote after I have been able to assess the situation.  Swarms I remove for free .

Important: The hive need to be removed too, not only the bees.

Bees maintain the hive, once they are gone the hive starts to degrade and pests move in. Depending on the age and size of the bee colony the hive can contain more than 50 kg of honey. If the bees are sprayed it is easy to imagine the mess that is left behind. A a decaying comb, which will leak honey, creating a major mess, if not removed with the bees. Also bees find the smell of honey very appealing, and it happens quite often that a new colony moves in, if the old hive isn't properly removed. Even if the old hive is still toxic to the bees, it still attracts bees to the area and they can set up a new hive a few meter away or on the other side of the building. I have seen this on several properties, first hive sprayed, just a few year later get a second hive in another spot on the same house!

Pricing: Current charge is $65/h + travel and direct expenses+GST. I can also offer a fixed price removal after the free assessing of the situation.

Internal cut out from wall:

internal cut out


External cut out from a wall:

External cut out from house