At the moment I offer mentoring and hands on support for beginner beekeepers. Depending on your need, I can offer different things:

One off help: (examples of what I can provide) $66/h*  including GST + travel if above 20 km

  • Re-queening an aggressive hive, including finding the old queen and I can provide a queen as well.
  • Swarm prevention, assisting in keeping a hive from swarming after queen cells have been detected. Removing the queen cells are often not enough
  • Mandatory disease inspections of the hive, as a beekeeper twice a year the hive has to be inspected for AFB (American Foul Brood)
  • Swarm catching
  • Finding and marking the queen
  • Robbing
  • Minding the hive while on vacation


*Discounts available for members of the Werribeeks beeclub and the NorthWestern Beeclub


Depending on your skills, abilities and needs, it can be more beneficial for you to have an agreed mentoring service with planned visits throughout the year.

This to cover topics as need arise.