Welcome to Haakan´s Hives and Honey home page.

I am now accepting orders for nucleus hives for spring. 5 frame nucs with a young queen, marked.



Both Wallan and Yea market are currently Open.

Even even if the market is closed, you still can get access to my delicious honey and other products.

You can contact me at haakan@hhives.com.au, or give me a call 0476 905 955.

I have just started getting help setting this webpage up, so please be patient as it is filled with content!My long term ambition is to have the page in two parts one with information about what I and my company can offer and an other part with some useful links, tips and information.

 I am offering,bee removals, queens, re-queening, nucleus & established hives, leasing of hives, mentoring including queen finding, inspections etc swarm catching and pollination services for farms. I have honey, wax, candles and more for sale.

hakan@hhives.com.au or 04 76 905 955 for any inquieries